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If you read nothing else on this website, do yourself a favour and read "Marine Survey 101". This ain't brain surgery and a little effort at self education can save you a huge amount of time and money in your search for the (not so) perfect boat..

The more research and courses I take, the more testing I do on my own, the more I realize how little I know. There are many examples of huge corporations in the marine business getting it wrong, 3M, Xantrex, Groco, Dupont and a host of others. What's a guy with a hammer and a moisture meter supposed to do ? Whatever the field there will always be someone who disagrees. Everything on this website is my opinion. Search out opposing opinions and make your own decision.
All the stuff in this column is mine .

Hull / Liner Bonding Failure
Interesting example of a new boat where the liner was not bonded to the hull !

Boat Maintenance for non-Idiots
If you had read Marine Survey 101 before you bought the boat, you'd have less of this stuff to do now. We focus on the forgotten items that will bite.

Salt Water Corrosion Photo Album

You may want to re-think buying a cheap southern US boat after looking at these photos.

Balsa Core = Compost

Some say I am too harsh on balsa. Admittedly my own experience may have coloured my attitude.

New to Diesel Engines ?
Lucky you ! No, really lucky you. It's about time you saw the light. Is my
prejudice showing ?

Oil Analysis
Is it worth the money ? Absolutely Yes ! ...... ( maybe not )

Osmosis testing,
If I had any idea what this was I could make a lot more money, More bunk on this topic than any other in the marine business.

Moisture meter mythology,
closely related to the hype of "osmosis". ... these meters do not measure moisture and they tell a lot of lies but they are still a necessary tool for the surveyor. Read about how they work and sometimes, how they don't.

Carbon Monoxide
Sea sick all the time ? maybe not. CO poisoning is more common than you think as the early symptoms are virtually identical to seasickness

Gasoline Engine compartment ventilation
is overlooked by most boaters and many manufacturers. 80% of the boats I look at are not ventilated properly. This can lead to explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning. It's the biggest and cheapest to fix safety leap you can make on your boat.

Safe propane installations
Actual legal standards for these systems
are very thin. Take a look at how it should be done.

Cheap LED lights
for your boat. Ikea has the 12 volt solution at non-marine prices.

Biodiesel, the wave of the future ?
A controversial subject, see what the engine manufacturers have to say about it.

Stoopid Boat Tricks by Builders
All the stupid things builders do and whether or not its worth surveying a new boat.

Stoopid tricks by Boat Owners
Perhaps even worse than what the builders do.
All the stuff in this column is from others ......

Brass seacock corrosion Article #1
All I can say about this article and the one immmediately following is that my experience shows that Mr. Stevens is correct.

Brass seacock corrosion Article #2

Marine Diesel Basics

A tremendous amount of free diesel info from how they work to how to maintain and a fee downloadable library of free manuals by brand and model.

Compass Marine how to articles.
Without a doubt the best marine "how to" series on the web. Clear concise articles with some of the best photography around on everything form battery monitors, seacocks, re-bedding deck hardware to cleaning out a heat exchanger and so much more. I completely disagree with his stand on moisture meters but the rest is great stuff.

Paravanes for trawlers,
See what Transport Canada has to say about how they may actually reduce stability.

Construction Standards
Understand the Transport Canada TP1332 mandatory Construction Standards For Small Vessels

Running Gear Alignment
How to align your propeller shaft. Great article From Professional Boat Builder magazine on this often neglected issue.

Yanmar Service Advisory
A warning from Yanmar about sail drive corrosion.

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