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All you need to know about marine surveyors

The ugly truth is that anyone with $50 for business cards can be a Certified Accredited Master Marine Surveyor, Admiral of The Ocean Seas or any other title they choose. In the Toronto, Ontario area there are about three dozen such surveyors.

Many fly-by night, part timers charge the same prices as highly qualified practitioners and there are one helluvalot of bogus or irrelevant "credentials" in this business. Find one of the good surveyors or hire the disc jockey who also landscapes and surveys for a few dollars on the side. It's up to you to educate yourself. ...... Caveat Emptor

How to Become a Marine Surveyor
There are several ways to go about this including just buying business cards and getting on with it regardless of experience or knowledge.
I know quite a few who have taken that route, This may be a case of you get what you pay for :)

Every marine surveyor in Ontario (pretty much)
An ever changing list of marine surveyors (and their qualifications) in Ontario. At the moment there are about 250 on the list with their contact info and links to their websites if they have one.

Choosing a marine surveyor.
Surveyors may have been created equal but they sure didn't stay that way. Here are 10 questions to help ensure you get the best marine surveyor.

Another opinion
on "choosing a marine surveyor", google this phrase and you will find a lot of articles on this issue. I have yet to see one (including my own) that did not have some bias and many that are just plain bunk. You'll figure it out. BoatUS® on marine surveys and surveyors. BoatUS are the closest thing we have to a boaters consumer protection agency and have an effect even in Canada. I encourage you to support them and search though their many web pages as they have a tremendous amount of good information.

Hiring a Surveyor in The USA
There are some very good ones but you may be at a disadvantage hiring at a distance. I have a few tips for you.

Transport Canada
Recommends you use an Accredited Marine Surveyor. check the "10 Question" link above to ensure you are dealing with a truly Accredited Marine Surveyor.

Stoopid Marine Surveyors
Masters of all they survey ???