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Before you hire us (or any marine surveyor)...

Anyone considering our services should first review the information shown below and read one of our sample marine survey reports to understand exactly what we do and do not.
Prior to confirming your survey we require the following information.
- your name.

- your mailing and e-mail addresses.
- phone number.
- make and model of vessel.
- license number or registered name on vessel and HIN (Hull Identification Number).
- specific location of vessel and mast if not stepped.
- access ... keys on board ?
- owner or broker name and contact information
for permission to board.

Vessel preparation -
Ships papers to be on board and laid out for inspection. ie.Vessel license or Ships Registry.
- We do not remove shrink wrap or tarpaulins. Please have them removed prior to our arrival.
- We do not move masts from racks or remove their wrappings. Please make them ready prior to our arrival.
- We do not install or connect batteries. Please have installed and connected prior to our arrival.
- We do not connect shore power or carry a generator to supply shore power. Please arrange prior to our arrival.
- We do not move vast quantities of gear from the vessel to gain access. Please have this done before we arrive.
- We do not use tools to gain access to any area including bilge compartments, chainplates or lockers.
- We do not do two stage surveys. i.e. out of water then in water several days or weeks later. All must be done on the same day.

It is absolutely critical that all areas of the vessel are made readily accessible for the surveyor including but not limited to mast steps, grids, frames, chain plates and other structural elements under the sole panels. Please have all fasteners that may restrict access, removed prior to our arrival. eg. sole panel screws.
None of these critical deal killers would have been sighted if the fasteners had not been removed from the sole panels !!!
Sails .... are not normally included in a survey due to the difficulty of laying them out in a muddy parking lot however we'll be happy to inspect sails if you arrange to have them laid out for us.

In short it is critical that the vessel be ready for inspection when we arrive as the vessel will be surveyed "as found".

Power wash ..... It is difficult to deterime the bottom condition when it's covered in slime and other marine growth. Please arrange to have the bottom power washed at haulout so that Sharon has a clear view of the surface and percussive sounding is not hindered by marine growth.

Frozen boats ..... Come January, February, March and often into April we need the work but will not survey frozen boats. We strongly recommend against surveying frozen boats. Percussive soundings and moisture meter readings (and perhaps the surveyor) are unreliable in below zero conditions. All boats should be several degrees above 0c for a minimum of three days prior to survey and boats with cored hulls should be above freezing for several more days.

During survey ..... Boats are complex animals and the last thing you want is a distracted surveyor. It's in your best interest to be present but in a perfect world the client would show up at the end of the survey to go over my findings. While I am happy to provide a general verbal assessment please remember that the survey is not over until the report is written as there is much to mull over prior to putting it on paper.

Your marine survey report .... will be usually be ready before midnight same day as inspection for local surveys but certainly no later than the following morning i.e. between Niagara-on-the-Lake and Pickering and south of Barrie. Outside of this area but within Southern Ontario reports will be issued before midnight next day. Out of province reports will be issued within 24hrs of returning to my desk. You will be notified by email when the report is ready, once payment is received (e-transfer, cheque or cash only) a .pdf copy shall be forwarded to you.

Your report may be used as a sample of our work ( all identifying information removed ) unless you object, send us an e-mail and we will not use it.