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While the number of lifejackets and fire extinguishers onboard are important, this page covers areas of safety often overlooked and frequently just wrong, sometimes right from the factory.
AC Polarity & G.F.C.I.
Never checked and little understood but critical to your family's safety.

Hot docks and electric shock drowning,
more common than you'd think. Closely related to the article above but such a serious issue it deserves special attention.

Carbon Monoxide
Sea sick all the time ? maybe not. CO poisoning is more common than you think as the early symptoms are virtually identical to seasickness. USCG calls CO poisoning on boats an "epidemic".

Gasoline Engine compartment ventilation
is overlooked by most boaters and many manufacturers. 80% of the boats I look at are not ventilated properly. This can lead to explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning. It's the biggest and cheapest to fix safety leap you can make on your boat.

Safe propane installations
are a rare commodity. Take a look at how its done properly.

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