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My business drops off quite a bit over the cold Canadian winter and I spend more time on line than is good for me so why shouldn't you ? Here are a few of the places I hang out when its too cold to survey.
Boat reviews and specifications

I have never read a boat review that was any more than sales puffery and those listed below are no different.

Power Boat Reviews by marine surveyor David Pascoe
I don't agree with everything but I'd have a lot more respect for boating magazines if they did reviews this way.

Canadian Yachting Magazine
Older boat reviews with specs and reviews on newer boats with wonderful descriptions of the Corian counter tops.

Common Sailboat Specs
Specifications and layout drawings of older and mostly Canadian built boats.

Older Sailboat Brochures
From Pat Sturgeons web site many older mostly Canadian sailboat brochures

More Common Sailboat Specs
A long, bilingual list of general sailboat specifications.

100 Power Boat Specs -
rom the UK but with some boats we are familar with.

100 Power Boat Tests -
More familiar boats.

BoatCan Boat Reviews -
Power and sail reviews, A prime example of reviews done by people dependent on the builders for advertising.

Power Boating Canada
Boat reviews and "tests" appear to be written by boat salesmen.

Jib List
Claims to be the worlds biggest database of sailboat specs....just might be.

Boating chat forums

There are some incredibly knowledgable and helpful people on these forums and one hell of a lot of BS. Don't believe it just because you see it online.

The Trawler Forum
Like it says, a forum for trawler type cruisers, almost all diesel powered and a pretty active forum. some really good people and several idiots who start occasional flame fests.

The Hull Truth.
Mixed bag of powerboat stuff

Life Aboard.
Chat forum for those already doing it whether in the north or south

Boat Diesel.
This is the only one on the list that requires a subscription fee but if you want to know about diesel engines this place is a great value

Boating How To

A newer powerboat forum (flame free)leaning towards cruising ( mostly gasoline fueled powerboats)and it seems to be attracting a crowd that wants to be helpful. Given time I think this may develop into one of the best power boat forums.

Probably the largest and most active of all. All things to do with sailboats and cruising. Even if you are a power boater there is lots of active and interesting discussion here with input with a couple of very knowledgeable people.

Cruisers Forum
Just like its title, everything to do with cruising. Mainly focused on sailboats and has a few very experienced people on board. Some good people here.

Cruising Stuff I'm Into
Probably the friendliest bunch on-line (flame free) doing some interesting projects.

Marine Engine.com
Have a Volvo, Mercruiser, Perkins, Bukh, Petter, OMC or Yanmar ? this is your forum.This place is home base for a number of engine specific forums so ask your tech questions here.

Boating Forum
This is a " .ca " so mostly Canadians on this all-round forum but generally attracts small power boaters and is not very active.

About two dozen forums on cruising, sailing fishing, trailer boats, repairs, maintenance, cruising etc. Occasionally this place turns into a flame fest but Boat US is trying to quiet it down.this should be the biggest of all forums given the name but it's strangely inactive for long periods.

Power & Motoryacht
All things to do with larger power boats, electrics, electronics, maintenance etc.

Mainly focused on mid-size power boats with a couple of very knowledgable guys (who you'll recognize over time) and a whole bunch of the usual dock experts.

Mostly trawlers and larger power boats and mostly in the UK.

I Boats
General boating forum, mostly for smaller boats.