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All about Cruising

Everyone with a boat has "the dream". This list of articles and links may help you get there or just give you something to think about over our cold Canadian Winters.

Weather can spoil your day ... or your entire trip. This is an old Transport Canada Exam that I took years ago. Well worth a look to determine what you need to bone up on.

All about US Cruising Licenses (permits), Permit to Proceed and DTOPS decals
Better get this right ! Customs people may not be very forgiving

Primer For First Timers Cruising South
A little dated on electroncis but a lot of solid tips on the ICW to Florida and the Bahamas. 18 chapters of photos, diagrams and tips covering ground tackle, reading river currents, communications, provisions, free places to stop and eveything else you need for a successful cruise south

Cruising the New York State Canal system, simply the best deal on the water and our favourite cruising grounds. Incredible people, beautiful scenery and something for everyone at very un-marine prices.

Photo Log of our cruises through the Great Lakes, the ICW, Bahamas and Dry Tortugas

Log of "Isle of Skye", one of our older logs from Toronto to Dry Tortugas and back.

Log of "Isle of Skye"
, one of our older logs from Toronto to Bahamas and back.

The Great Book of Anchorages An excellent guide to over 500 anchorages on the way south for those of us who can't afford marinas every night but can afford the 20 bucks for this bargain.

Bahamas Explorer Chartbooks These are simply the best Bahamas charts and guides available.

Salty Southeast Cruisers Net The best ICW site with links to 21 ICW web cams and so much more. Please support this site by buying all your guides here.

ICW Waterway Guides Cruising and Marina Directories, ICW fuel prices and an inexpensive app for your iPhone

ADC Chesapeake Chartbook Best chartbook ever published. They should all do it like this.

The Active Captain Used to be terrific but then Garmin bought them out, Ome useful stuff but mostly outdated. Go to Preview-X and see charts, maps and satellite shots of everything from Toronto to Florida

New York Harbour Essential information for those transiting the harbour for the first time. Pay special attention to the Security Zones. Transiting this harbour can be a real treat ... sometimes.

Eileen Quinn - Music For Cruisers
Funny , witty and great entertainment. You are not a cruiser unless you have Eileen's CD's. She's been there done that and it comes across as she hits every nerve a cruiser has ever felt.

Cruising.ca Information of interest to cruisers and liveaboards.

Atlantic Intracoastal Association Good info for those heading South on the Intracoastal

Pat's Boating in Canada
Don't let the name fool you, some great info on ICW cruising.

Great Lakes Cruising Club For those cruising closer to home check out this great site.

Skipper Bob Indispensable and inexpensive cruising guides to the ICW but certainly not infallible. You must check his waterway update page before you cast off.

Tom Neales East Coast Alerts
Well known author provides updates on conditions and issues affecting east coast cruising, check it before you head south.

Searoom A Canadian site for cruising sailors .

Seven Seas Cruising Association You don't have to be planning a trans - Atlantic to get some useful cruising info from this site.

Americas Great Loop Cruisers Lots of cruisers logs and blogs for the inside info on the loop.

Marine Trawler Owners Association "MTO" , Marine Trawler Owners Association for trawler lovers and real cruisers

Tramp Steamer To Exotic Locales Got the dream ? These videos may change your mind. Go to "video" and use "rough sea" as your keywords.