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Marine Insurance Providers in Ontario

Some of the providers of boat insurance listed below will insure classic wooden boats, liveaboards and those heading south to warmer waters. It is rare to find a company that will cover everything you want to do. We have had to change providers over the years when we wanted to live aboard, go to the Bahamas or Cuba. Some years ago marine insurance was pretty consistent as to costs. More recently the prices are all over the map and it's getting tough to compare apples. Once again education is the key. Most provide discounts for CPS training and various navigation electronics so don't forget to ask. There are lots of brokers out there who will write policies on boats but don't know much or anything about them. I strongly suggest you deal with a boating broker and things will run much smoother if you are ever unfortunate enough to need that policy.

There are two basic types of marine policy. "Agreed Value" and "Actual Value". I'm no insurance expert but you had better understand the difference in these two policy types as they are significant with the "Actual Value" policy usually being cheaper (with reason). Ask your broker. Also make sure you are comparing apples. If one policy is a few hundred dollars less than another you can bet your next engine overheat that there is a very good reason. This topic warrants considerable research unless you have money to burn.

In case of a claim, do NOT discuss the issue with an adjuster or any representative of the underwriter on the phone. Insist on all communication being via email so that you have a record. The insurers record every call and any slip of the tongue will be used against you.

There is one exception to my above advice. TowBoatUS® towing insurance. If you are cruising south through the US you will run aground and it is costly without TowBoatUS® .... don't leave home without it.
Boat Insurance 101,
This company is US based but provides a pretty good overview of marine insurance and what you should be looking f
or. Not too many differences on our side of the border.

Admiralty Law,
information about marine insurance from a Canadian legal firm specializing in Admiralty law.
Really interesting stuff.
Bayside Insurance Brokers Ltd.
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Crosslands Insurance Brokers of London Ltd.

Dracup Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Harbour Marine Insurance Services Ltd.

MD Marine Insurance

Marine Expert

McMichael Davis Marine Insurance Ltd.

North Star Marine Insurance

Ogilvy & Ogilvy

Pacific Marine

Robertson & Robertson