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the resolution of some of these photos is not very good as I cut and paste them from my survey reports (except for the x-ray photo) but you'll get the idea.

Every photo on this page is from a salt water boat and you will never see corrosion like this in fresh water. I've only seen one fresh water boat needing it's fuel tanks replaced due to corrosion and it was a stupid installation. If you see a rusty electrical connection you can bet that corrosion has crept up the conductor for some distance..

I was involved with a Katrina 35' sailboat that a repair shop in Ontario purchased to re-fit and flip. The cost for re-wiring alone was over $60k !

If you think you will save or make money bringing a salt water boat into a fresh water market, you are sadly mistaken. These boats sell for 20 to 25% less than a fresh water boat and the clues are almost impossible to hide.

Aluminum water tank

Steel fuel tank

steel fuel tank

piece of a steel fuel tank

Handfull of a steel fuel tank

Aluminum fuel tank

steel water tank

aluminum pitting

Fuel filter

Steel fuel tank

Self explanatory

Stainless steel

Inverter terminals

junction block

Starter motor

Battery terminals

disappearing motor mount

exhaust manifold



Stainless steel corrosion
Stainless steel corrosion
Stainless steel corrosion
Stainless steel corrosion

keel bolt corrosion

keel bolt corrosion

keel bolt corrosion

Crumbling steel mast step

Propane solenoid

Corroded shaft

Closeup of shaft at left

X-ray of pinhead size pit in stainless steel

Steel tiller arm on composite rudder shaft

steel tiller arm on bronze rudder shaft

Bronze prop shaft

Bronze, stainless and steel

Chinese bronze ?

Stainless rudder stock

New lower unit - short term solution

ouch !

SS swim platform strut

Stainless steel

More stainless

Turbo charger
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