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My Marine Survey Sample Reports

Listed Below are examples of reports typical of my work. I don't differentiate between pre-purchase, C&V or insurance surveys. I do one level of report for insurance, C&V and pre-purchase as shown in the samples. My reports are guaranteed to be accepted worldwide by all financial and insurance companies. Do not judge a report by the number of pages. Carefully consider the content, level of detail and referenced legal and standards requirements

Sample sailboat with diesel engine 2005 Catalina 42
Sample sailboat survey report with gasoline engine, 1979 Alberg 30
Sample powerboat survey report with twin diesel engines, 2003 Silverton 410
Sample powerboat survey report with single diesel engine, 1987 Sundowner 30
Sample powerboat survey report with twin gasoline engines, 1995 Carver 310

Samples of a few questionable Marine Survey reports from Ontario

The sample surveys linked below are from other Marine Surveyors in Ontario. All samples shown were accepted by insurance companies. There are a number of exceptional Marine Surveyors in Ontario but the examples below show why you must thoroughly vet any surveyor before hiring them and closely examine their reports.
Check out the letterheads and signature pages and try to confirm their claimed qualifications.

Two samples
Side by side reports of the same boat. Although these two surveys were done almost one year apart, the boat had less than one hour running time on it in that period. The survey report on the right is mine and the one on the left is by a "Certified" Marine Surveyor"

My All Time Favourite Survey Report
This two pager basically says " I surveyed this boat six years ago and it was in good condition and still is" , written by a "Certified Marine Engineer", believe it or not was accepted by an insurance company !

A "full" Survey Report
This one written by a "CPPA, MMSM, Accredited Master Marine Surveyor" speaks for itself.

Hard to Believe

I had to count the pages on this one several times to make sure I wasn't missing something but all pages are numbered 1 through 6. Truly amazing that a buyer and an insurance company would accept this report by a self titled "Master Marine Surveyor".

All lipstick and no pig
This report actually looks pretty nice but once you get past that, it says pretty much nothing. Take a look at the signature page. Can you tell which credentials have any value ?

More Ontario Surveyors

I am proud of my work and not afraid to be criticized on my reports. Here are a few of other Ontario surveyors that feel the same way and show sample reports on their websites. There are some other excellent surveyors who choose not to put sample reports on their sites. I'll be happy to direct you to one I trust and I don't hand out recommendations easily.

Craig Morley AMS®
Works primarily along the Lake Erie shore but he also works from his boat in Toronto for good part of the summer. Craig is also a diesel mechanic and runs excellent one day introduction to diesel courses.

John Vanderperk AMS®
John works the Golden Horseshoe, Hamilton, St. Catharines, Port Colbourne, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie.

David Buchanan AMS® does not have samples on his website but works the Midland / Orillia area and is excellent.

To find a qualified marine surveyor near you can search . Every Marine Surveyor in Ontario and for outside of Canada try Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®