The two survey reports below cover the same vessel. The report on the left was done 11 months before mine on the right. Between the two reports the boat made two 300yard trips to the lift and one 20 min. sea trial. The report on the left was authored by a "Certified Marine Surveyor".

o what did he miss in the survey report above ? Well aside from thinking the hull was solid glass rather than balsa cored he could not find the engine hours, engine serial numbers, gear reduction or generator serial numbers. Of course he would have had to open the hatches to find those.

If you continue scrolling down through the report at right to my COMMENTS section you will see that I have 33 comments (recommendations) of which the above surveyor missed
.... well he missed all 33.

He missed such major issues as crushed engine mounts, a dangerous battery installation, batteries without electrolyte, an ungrounded battery charger, bilge pumps that repeatedly blew fuses, silt in the generator heat exchanger. rotted hoses, severly dezincified propellers, wasted anodes, a bow thruster leaking gear fluid and a black mold infestation along with a number of other items all of which added up to about $10k in repairs.

His valuation is also outrageously high and shows no methodology as to how he arrived at that number ...... but as usual the insurance company accepted this report.

Choose your surveyor carefully !