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The law, maritime and admiralty

Few boaters I have met have the required paperwork onboard and fewer still are aware of the legal requirements of being on the water so here are some links to help get you up to speed and a couple of other interestng links.

Canadian Coast Guard
Marine services. Some pretty good information

Transportation Safety Board, read all about past and current marine investigations and view marine statistics.

Canada Shipping Act (CSA 2001)
The new Act affects everyone in boating. Check it out.

Responsibilities & liability of marine surveyors
a case study of a surveyor who got sued.

Dept. of Marine Safety
Keep up with the latest boating legislation and safety regulations.

Collision Regulations
The "rules of the road" should be aboard every vessel. International rules and Canadian modifications for near shore and inland waterways.

Transport Canada TP1332 -
urrent legal requirements for construction of pleasure craft in Canada.

Transport Canada TP 127
Ships Electrical Systems. Some of this also applies to pleasure craft.

TC Safe Boating Guide
Current issue.

Chart No.1
This is one of several documents you are required by law to have on board and explains all the heiroglyphics on your charts.

USCG Navigation Rules, International and US inland rules have a few differences, You should know both before heading south on the ICW.

United Nations Convention on the Law of The Sea.